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ASCWU Student Government

Election Commission

The Election Commission is responsible for being the liaison between issues with candidates and the campaign process. They will attend the forums and debates during the election, as well as, count the votes on election days. The Election Commission implements all verification of voter registration, and works to promote the election process to the student body. 

The Election Commission will consist of five students from Central Washington University. Responsibilities of the Election Commission will consist of:

  1. Be present and supervise debates and forums along with filming the distributing               video clip of each candidate when requested from candidates.
  2. If complaint is filed, members of the Election Commission will investigate and         document the violation of the codes or laws.
  3. Count the ballots to determine winners of each position.

The authority granted to the Election Commission can be found in the Candidate Information packet on pages 16-17 and as well as in the ASCWU By-Laws Article 5 Section 2.

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