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ASCWU Student Government

Election Commission


ASCWU Election Chair:

Alec Acosta-Vega


ASCWU Election Vice Chair:

Isabella Warner


ASCWU Election Commission:

Ash Couture

Madison VanRavehorst


ASCWU Elections Support Staff:

Amber Hoefer, Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement (SLICE)

Paula Moffatt, Secretary Supervisor SLICE/ASCWU

Lola Gallagher, Publicity Center


By order of the ASCWU-SG Constitution and By-Laws, the Election Commission consists of three to five students appointed by the President of Student Government with the Director of SLICE serving as an advisor. No elected officer of Student Government, or their hired office support staff, may serve on the Election Commission. The Election Commission may approve additional non-voting members to assist in the election administration.


  • Approve and provide forms for the election requirements
  • Upon complaint or upon its own motion, investigate and report apparent violation of the codes or laws
  • Enforcement by the the Election Commission is according to the powers granted by the By-Laws of the ASCWU-SG Constitution and guidelines of the Election Coe
  • Count the ballots to determine winners of each position
  • Be present and supervise debates and forums

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