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Campus Committees and Service Opportunities

University Standing Committees

Board of Directors Committees

Department Committees

Art Selection and Permanent Collection CommitteeRecreation Advisory BoardBoard of Academic Appeals and Academic Standing Council
Athletic Compliance CommitteeSURC Union BoardCenter for Teaching and Learning Advisory Council
Budget and Finance CommitteeCouncil on ProbityGraduate Council
Campus Development CommitteeService and Activities Committee

Human Subjects Review Council

Equal Opportunity Committee International Studies and Programs Advisory Council
Ethics Advisory Committee Library Advisory Council
Inclusivity/Diversity Committee President’s Administration Team
Naming Committee Student Conduct Council
  Student Technology Fee Council


 Parking Advisory Board

Application for Committee Service Form / Reapply: PDF | Online

Ellensburg Downtown Association Committees**: Please apply through the Board of Directors and your name will be forwarded to the Ellensburg Downtown Association as a recommendation 

Note: We are accepting applications for all committees for the 2014-2015 academic year.

The Central Washington University committee organization provides for faculty, staff, and student participation in university affairs.

The ASCWU-BOD is soliciting names of students who are interested in serving on a university committee. The term beginning fall quarter 2013, will continue until June 30, 2014. Currently there are student seats open to those who are willing to commit to serving this one-year term. It is encouraged that students who have served in years prior reapply for the following year, if they are going to be at Central another year. 

Regular attendance is expected of all members. If any committee member consistently misses meetings, the committee member may be replaced. Members of committees are expected to seek opinions from those they represent.

University standing committees

To learn more about University standing committees please click here

(1) Art Selection and Permanent Collection Committee (1 – Art student)
  The purpose of the committee is to:
  A. consider and recommend the purchase of objects of art for the campus;
  B. when appropriate, work with the Washington State Arts Commission; and
  C. update and recommend procedures related to the university’s permanent art collection

(2) Athletic Compliance Committee (2 - students)
The purpose of the committee is to:
1. establishes institutional policies and procedures that ensure institutional compliance with NCAA bylaws,
adherence to state and federal guidelines related to the conduct of athletic programs, and adherence to
university expectations for student-athletes;
2. review and recommend actions related to student-athlete petitions for NCAA academic waivers;
3. discuss matters of concern to student-athletes. Matters of consideration and discussion will include but are
not limited to: academic issues and proposals, federal and state regulations, financial aid issues, gender
equity and Title IX issues, NCAA institutional control issues, NCAA rules education, and NCAA self-study.
(3) Budget and Finance Committee – (Filled by ASCWU Executive Vice President)
The purpose of the committee is to:
1. review the resources available to the university from all revenue streams;
2. review revenue projections and expenditure data;
3. prioritize internal operating budget requests;
4. recommend annual budget to the president and the president’s cabinet;
5. align budget and spending priorities with the university’s strategic plan, development priorities and facilities
master plan.
6. recommend the biennial operations and capital budgets to the president and the president’s cabinet.

(4) Campus Development Committee (1 student)
The purpose of the committee includes:
1. constructing a master planning notebook;
2. developing recommendations on campus master planning issues that include such areas as site and development, conservation, signage and way finding, and land acquisition;
3. considering site and land acquisitions for new construction and parking; and
4. integrating infrastructures needs with our capital plan.

(5) Equal Opportunity Committee (2 students)
The purpose of the committee is to:
1. regularly identify and review areas that may impact equal opportunity such as university waivers or promotion and tenure; and
2. review complaints, investigative reports and findings of the investigator and determine whether or not the allegations have been substantiated in accordance with the discrimination complaint and resolution policy and procedures for employees.

(6) Ethics Advisory Committee – (1 student)
The purpose of the committee includes:
1. recommending and providing leadership for strategies that integrate ethical principles into institutional culture; 2. reviewing and/or recommending university policies and guidelines that define ethical principles for conduct within the university;
3. establishing forums for the discussion of ethical concerns and to educate the university community about university policies regarding ethical issues;
4. providing advisory consultation in cases where ethical dilemmas are perceived by members of the university community; and
5. encouraging dialog to educate, identify issues, offer viable options, seek supplemental resources, and encourage resolution.

(7) Inclusivity/Diversity Committee - (1 student & ASCWU Vice President of Equity and Community Affairs) (Filled)
The purpose of the committee includes:
1. implement current and future inclusiveness and diversity action plans and annually evaluate specific plans for achieving university short and long term efforts;
2. examine existing structures that inhibit inclusiveness and recommend changes that create greater inclusion;
3. serve in an advisory capacity to the campus and external community in developing concepts to meet CWU diversity aspirations;
4. integrate the university's inclusivity efforts among the members of the campus and surrounding community;
5. facilitate communication of CWU's commitment to diversity and inclusivity;
6. serve as a resource and participate in university strategic planning.

(8) Naming Committee – ( 0 )
The purpose of the committee is to:
1. administer the institutional naming policy governing the naming of university buildings, rooms, and
2. recommend criteria for naming and contributions for such naming opportunities; and
3. make naming recommendations.

(9) University Policy Advisory Committee – (Filled by ASCWU BOD President) (Filled)
The purpose of the committee is to:
1. review and recommend to the president changes to university policy and procedure;
2. serve as a communication vehicle for the campus;
3. review departmental policies and procedures impacting or affecting other departments; and
4. recommending for acceptance as a departmental policy/procedure to the appropriate vice president or
chief of staff.
ASCWU BOD committees
Recreation Advisory Board (6 students)
University Recreation works closely with the ASCWU-BOD  to receive student input and participation on the Recreation Advisory Board. The Board of Directors appoints a 6-student committee to provide feedback and recommendations on Recreation policy and fees.

SURC Union Board
The Student Union works closely with the Associated Students of Central Washington University Board of Directors (ASCWU-BOD) to receive student input and participation on the Student Union Advisory Board. The Board of Directors appoints six student committee members to provide feedback and recommendations regarding the Student Union policies, procedures and fees.

Council on Probity (5 students)
The Council of Probity
5 Students
Eligibility: Students who
-are not members of the Board of Directors nor an employee of the Board of Directors.
-have completed thirty (30) credit hours or more at Central Washington University.

Purpose of the Council of Probity: To
-hold jurisdiction over all disputes arising under the ASCWU Constitution and By-Laws.
-oversee the decisions made by the elections commission.
-have original jurisdiction over disputes arising in the ASCWU recognized organizations or clubs.

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Service and Activities Committee (7 students)
The Services and Activities Fee Committee proposes and the Central Washington University Board of Trustees approves programs and corresponding budget levels for University organizations funded by Services and Activities Fees (S&A Fees). These fees are collected from students at registration and are allocated to programs as direct budget allocations or indirectly through other organizations. As a student officer, student organization advisor, program director, or budget authority, you are responsible for spending the money in an acceptable and appropriate manner, following State of Washington and Central Washington University guidelines.

Department committees
Board of Academic Appeals and Academic Standing Council (8 students)               (5-students still required) The Purpose of the Board of Academic Appeals is to provide for fair and impartial hearings of academic grievances. The board serves as the final hearing body for the university in the matter of academic grievances.

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Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Council (1 grad student & 1 undergrad) The Advisory Council is charged by the Executive Board to lead the efforts of all subcommittees by collegially coordinating all programs at CWU designed to prepare education professionals to work in P-12 schools.

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Graduate Council (2 graduate students) Through value, opportunity and quality the graduate education at Central Washington University provides educational advancement and professional development for post-baccalaureate students, addresses the needs of the workforce for highly skilled workers, prepares students for doctoral study, creates partnerships between faculty and students to extend scholarship in important areas of research, creativity, and practice, and fuels the economic development engine of the region through scholarly activity. In all of these ways and consistent with the mission of the university, graduate education prepares students for responsible citizenship, stewardship, and productive lives.

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Human Subjects Review Council (1 student & 1 student alternate) The CWU Human Subjects Review Committee (HSRC), also known as the "institutional review board" (IRB), is appointed by the Provost/Vice President for Academic and Student Life. The Human Subjects Review Committee recommends that principal investigators turn in research proposals at least six weeks prior to a scheduled HSRC meetings.

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International Studies and Programs Advisory Council (1 international student) The International Studies & Programs Advisory Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Asssistant Vice President of International & Studies Programs. These recommendations include matters relating to: 1. International Students and Scholars 2. U.S. Students, Staff, and Faculty Abroad 3. Linkages and Partnerships to Foreign Institutes of Higher Education.

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Library Advisory Council (1 student) The Library Advisory Council shall advise the Dean on the development of library collections, policies, and services.  The Council will develop and adopt operational guidelines that will direct the Council’s work into the future.

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President’s Administration Team(1 students)  President's Advisory Council, the campus group that advises the president on matters of specific policy which have an impact on several groups (students, faculty, administrators, civil service, the public, etc.). The council has representatives from the administration, the faculty senate, and the student government

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Student Conduct Council (8 students) Reports to the provost/vice president for academic and student life and hears complaints against students and student organizations.

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Student Technology Fee Council (6 students) Reports to the provost/vice president for academic and student life and provides and maintains services for general student use(s) that include, but need not be limited to: access to the internet and world wide web, e-mail, computer and multimedia work stations and laboratories, computer software, and dial-up telephone services.

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Dining Advisory

Election Commission (5 students) The Election Commission is responsible for being the liaison between issues with candidates and the campaign process. They attend the forums and debates during the election, as well as, count the votes on election days. The Election Commission implements all verification of voter registration, and works to promote the election process to the student body.

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Faculty Senate Representatives Determine current policy and practice dealing with student academic misconduct. Provide policy and procedure in university policy manual to ensure appropriate action in cases of student academic misconduct.

Faculty Senate Curriculum The Curriculum Committee shall be concerned with the study, development, and improvement of the curriculum, educational programs, and academic policy at the university, shall cooperate with other individuals, groups, or committees at the university in carrying out its duties. The committee shall review and recommend changes to academic policy (section five of the CWU Policies manual, Curriculum Policy and Procedure). It shall perform other duties as may be requested by or approved by the Senate Executive Committee.

Faculty Senate General Education Committee The Faculty Senate General Education Committee shall be concerned with the study, development and improvement of the general education program. The committee shall review and recommend programs and policies of general education in close cooperation with appropriate academic administrators. It shall perform other duties as may be requested by or approved by the Senate Executive Committee.

Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee The Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee shall be concerned with the study and improvement of academic standards, academic policies, and academic organizational structures. The committee shall review and recommend changes to academic policy (section five of the CWU Policies manual, Academic Policies). It shall perform other duties as may be requested by or approved by the Senate Executive Committee.

Parking Advisory Board (2 students)

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Senior Class Gift Committee

Student Athletic Advisory The Student- Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience. The SAAC offers input on the rules, regulations and polices that affect student-athletes' lives on NCAA member institution campuses. Presently, there are separate national SAACs for NCAA Divisions I, II, II. The membership of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee should be representatives of the diversity of your institutions' population and involve representatives from diverse sports. Each member serves as a liaison between the committee and his or her individual team. It is recommended that the committee have one representative from each sport sponsored by you institution.

Student Media Board The principal purpose of the SMB shall be to provide oversight and support the free and open exchange of ideas through student-run media outlets at Central Washington University. All student media under the SMB are designated public forums.  Student editors have authority to make all content decisions without censorship or advance approval.

Student Union Art Board

Veterans Advisory Board


(Inactive Committees)

Campus Beautification Our mission is to provide a safe and attractive campus environment that supports learning, living and working. We are responsible for planning and managing construction projects, campus grounds keeping, building maintenance, motor pool vehicle maintenance, and custodial services.

Academic Advising Council
Advising at Central Washington University will be a coordinated and responsive student-centered process that engages faculty and advisors in helping students achieve their educational, career, and life goals.

Scholarship Advisory Over site Team meets as needed



If you are interested in serving on one or more of these committees, please fill out the application and submit directly to the ASCWU BOD Office in SURC 236 (ms 7448) as soon as possible or complete the online application form listed above.

You will be notified by letter if you have been appointed. If you do not recieve a letter within a reasonable time feel free to email me at BODEVP@CWU.EDU