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ASCWU-BOD 2014 General Elections Results

Final results of the 2014 Associated Students of Central Washington University Board of Directors (ASCWU-BOD) General Election are posted and now available at More than 1,000 students voted for the ASCWU-BOD president and six vice president positions this year, as well as for the approval of two referendums. Referendum #1 was to approve the ASCWU Constitution, as proposed by Student Government at their March 20, 2014 public meeting. Referendum #2 was the Math and Writing Tutoring fee, which enacted a $5 per student, per quarter, fee to be used to support peer tutoring for all students in the Learning Commons Math and Writing Center beginning Fall Quarter 2014.

2014 General Election Results:

Yosef Gamble  55.5%  584
Kathryn O`Neal  44.5%  469

Vice President:
Nick Shuey  53.3%  563
JD Charest  46.7%  494

Vice President for Clubs and Organizations:
Philip Rush  100.0%  998

Vice President for Academic Affairs:
Jennifer Treadway  100.0%  994

Vice President for Equity & Community Service:
Spencer Biallas  100.0%  969

Vice President for Student Life & Facilities:
Robert Lane  52.7%  548
Scott Kazmi  47.3%  492

Vice President of Legislative Affairs:
Cassandra DuBore  100.0%  1,009


Approval of ASCWU Constitution:
Yes  91.3%  928
No  8.7%  88

Math and Writing Tutoring Fee:
Yes  77.4%  888
No  22.6%  259

For more information contact Myles Glover, ASCWU Elections Commission Chair, at 509-201-6373 or or visit