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ASCWU Student Government

About Student Academic Senate


What is the Student Academic Senate?

The Student Academic Senate (SAS), formed in 2008, is comprised of student senators from each department on campus. SAS serves as a strong student voice to many entities on campus such as the administration and faculty. The Senate's main goals are to spread awareness of important information throughout every department, and represent the student body.

How does the Student Academic Senate work?
The senate is comprised of the General Senate, which is a collection of student senators from each department on campus, as well as an Executive Board made up of one student senator from each college. Those senators serve as a link between students in their department and SAS.

What is the role of the senator?

Senators are responsible for sharing information, and representing the interests of students in their department. Also, senators are required to meet twice a month for a general assembly to carry out said duties.

What are the benefits?
Students involved in SAS will gain leadership and professional skills. Senators will have the ability to create a one-on-one relationship with their deans and department chairs. SAS is the place for top student leaders who learn and build skills in communication and problem solving. In today's economy it is important for students to set themselves apart from others; SAS is a great opportunity to do this, and makes an excellent addition to a resume.


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