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About the President's Office

Ryan Anderson

The President serves as the Chair of ASCWU Student Government and is a voting member of the board in situations of a tied vote. The President must serve 19 hours a week, acts as chief spokesperson for the Student Body, gives the State of the ASCWU Address in the Spring, and represents the Associated Students in all legislative issues.

Hometown: Kenmore, WA

Academic Endeavors: Bachelor's of Fine Arts (BFA) in Musical Theatre Performance with minors in Political Science and Interdisciplinary Honors

Personal Statement:

It is such a honor to work for the students of Central Washington University. My colleagues within the board are always a pleasure to collaborate with as a collection of passionate officers. I never look at this as a job, but more so as an opportunity to bring forth the greater good. I continually try to do my best to be a genuine representative for students in the quality and accessibility of their education and experience is here at CWU. I ran on the pillars of civic engagement, transparency and honesty, and will humbly accept feedback at anytime. Please feel free to stop by the office anytime or shoot me an email and we can set up something up. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon!

Winter Office Hours:

Mondays 3 - 5pm, Tuesdays 9 - 11am, Wednesdays 3 - 5pm, Thursdays 9 - 11am

Spring Office Hours:

Mondays 3pm - 4:30pm, Tuesdays 10am - 1pm, Thursdays 10am - 1pm



If you have an idea or concern that you are interested in talking about with your student government, contact Ryan Anderson at:

Phone: 509-963-1700

Advisor to ASCWU Student Government
Dr. Keith Champagne, Associate Dean of Student Development
Office: 509-963-1515