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ASCWU Student Government

About Equity and Services Council


Join us for ESC Meetings every Friday at 1PM in

the Diversity & Equity Center (DEC) - Black Hall 105


ESC Mission and Values

We, the Equity and Services Council: Represent students' diversity interests, needs, and welfare within the University; and supplement and complement formal education on the Central Washington University campus. We also maintain appreciation and understanding of diverse social and cultural heritage; promote and coordinate the celebration of diversity; educate the associated students on issues affecting student equity; and establish, promote and implement community service programs beneficial to the entire associated body.


ESC Executive Board

ESC Chair: Mariah Minjarez, she/her/hers |

Executive Assistant: Andrea Gaeta, she/her/ella |

Community Programmer: Judith Brewer, she/her/hers, they/them/theirs | 

Graduate Assistant: Maritsa Rodriguez, she/her/hers |

ESC Advisor: Justin Santoli, he/him/his |
Program Manager, Diversity and Equity Center


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