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ASCWU Student Government

About Academic Affairs

Welcome to the Office of Academic Affairs

Edith Rojas is the Vice President for the Office of Academic Affairs. The Office of Academic Affairs is a resource for students who have ideas, issues and/or concerns regarding academic departments. Students who have questions regarding their academic success should contact her office and refer to the Academic Affairs Policies. As part Edith's responsibilities and duties, she attends Faculty Senate meetings in order to represent on the behalf of ASCWU and the student body. Edith and her staff member(s) facilitate all Student Academic Senate (SAS) meetings. Along with being the liaison between ASCWU and Faculty Senate, Edith meets with the Provost on a monthly basis in order to communicate any issues at hand. 

About Edith Rojas

Edith is a first-generation college student from Yakima, Wa. She loves to hike, hits the gym and occasionally boulder on the indoor rock wall at the recreation center. She is a huge extrovert and love being around people. In her last three years here at Central she has been a discover orientation leader for two summers and a Residence Assistant in Kamola Hall on campus. Edith occasionally volunteers at The ‘Burg radio and had a radio show with her best friend last quarter called the “Ladies Lounge.”  Central is her home away from home and a place where she has met some of her greatest friends. After Central, Edith hopes to work for a big corporation or media outlet and be on their marketing team or work for a university’s public affairs office.


Student Academic Senate (SAS)

What is the Student Academic Senate?
The Student Academic Senate (SAS) is comprised of student senators from each department on campus. SAS serves as a strong student voice to many entities on campus such as the administration and faculty. The Senate's main goals are to spread awareness of important information throughout every department and to allocate money to students when appropriate. Please visit Student Academic Senate for more information.



Office:  509-963-1765

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