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ASCWU Student Government

2016 ASCWU Election Result


Armando Ortiz     456 votes50.9%
Brady Batt439 votes49.1%


Executive Vice President

Brittany Kinsella  556 votes61.7%
Yazmin Aguilar345 votes38.3%


VP for Clubs & Organizations

Alex Horning        478 votes54.3%
Angelina Valdez402 votes45.7%


VP for Academic Affairs

Ryan Zimmerman523 votes59.5%
B. Wambui356 votes40.5%


VP for Equity & Community Affairs

Andrea Saavedra     835 votes100.0%


VP for Student Life & Facilities

Forrest McNealley464 votes53.3%
Gary Epp407 votes46.7%

VP for Legislative Affairs

J.R. Siperly                  833 votes100.0%


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