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Theatre Project Challenges Students with 24-hours to Prepare and Perform

What can highly caffeinated theatre students do in just 24 hours? You can find out on October 19, when the Central Theatre Club and the United States Institute for Theatre Technology Chapter presents the 24-Hour Theatre Project.

The clock starts ticking on Friday night, when more than 20 Theatre Arts students will start producing, writing, designing and rehearsing for a performance that will be premiered Saturday night. All levels of experience and students from all classes are participating.

“This is the third time in the last six years we have done this project,” said Theatre Arts Production Manager Jerry Dougherty. “And this is the first time it is being produced by the student clubs rather than a faculty member. I'm providing advice and mentoring to the organizers”— adding that he co-produced the previous two projects.

The students will take part in all of the roles of a production: acting, writing, and set and costume designing. Depending on the personality of the team, some will have specific assignments and others will work more as a collective.

The teams will have a set list of scenery and props to work with. There will be some constraints placed on the teams to make it interesting—they may draw a genre or style, or may be given a required prop, costume, or line that must be incorporated into their work. 

In the past, one of the plays developed through this project went on to be developed further and was performed as part of the Betty Evans One Act Festival (which is currently on hiatus) and at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region 7 festival.

The 24-Hour Theatre Project will be performed at 7:30 p.m., October 19 in McConnell Auditorium. The material is recommended for mature audiences, as some material unsuitable for children under 17, including language and situations some patrons may consider offensive; admission is free.

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