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College of Arts and Humanities

New American Sign Language Minor

This minor allows CWU students to gain skill in the language of Deaf people in America, and is of benefit to students planning to work in education, human services and many other career fields.

Students fulfilling the requirements for the 27 credit minor will complete the second year sequence of ASL as well as classes in ASL literature, Deaf Culture and ASL for educational settings.

Required Course Credits

  • Second year ASL sequence (15 credits):
    • ASL 251 - Fall Quarter (5)
    • ASL 252 - Winter Quarter (5)
    • ASL 253 - Spring Quarter (5)
  • ASL 301 - ASL Literature(5)
  • ASL 310 - Deaf Culture(4)
  • ASL 343 - ASL in Education (3)

Total: 27 credits

For further information, please contact Steve Cook,

509-963-1219 v/TTY


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