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College of Arts and Humanities


Form Name:Format Available:
Alternate Work ScheduleDOC
Chair Evaluation FormDOC
Chair Development Fund Application FormDOC
Communication Plan WorksheetDOC
CV TemplateDOC
Funding Request (special Events)DOC
Grant Pre-Approval FormDOC
Grant Writing Support ApplicationDOC
Interdisciplinary Teaching Project GrantDOC
Non-Tenure Track Faculty Review CoversheetDOC
Non-Tenure Track Contract Faculty Request Form - Academic YearXLS
Permission to Register LateXLS
Post-Tenure Review CoversheetDOC
Reappointment Review CoversheetDOC
Request For Search and/or Start-Up Cost ReimbursementXLS
SEOI ChecklistXLS
Special Events ApplicationDOC
Staff Recognition Award ApplicationDOC
Staff Travel Grant ApplicationDOC
Summer Scholarship/Creativity GrantsDOC
Summer Teaching GrantDOC
Tenure and Promotion Review CoversheetDOC
Travel Grant Application - Tenured and TT FacultyDOC
Travel Grant Application - Non Tenure Track  Faculty
Travel Grant Application - Graduate Student 2013-14
Travel Grant Application - Undergraduate Student 2013-14