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College of Arts and Humanities

College TV Show: Arts and Humanities R Central

Taped on the campus of Central Washington University, the local television show "Arts and Humanities R Central" is broadcast throughout Kittitas County on KCWU-TV. Hosted by former CWU Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities Dr. Marji Morgan, the program features interviews with Central Faculty, Students, and Alumni. Please enjoy the shows and know that Arts and Humanities ARE central at Central!

KCWU-TV Studio and Post Production work by CWU's Multimedia Technology and Instructional Support. Director Chris Smart. Camera Rick Spencer. Editing Rick Spencer.

A Conversation with author of Women Who Sleep With Animals, Lisa Norris, English Professor

View here.   Writer and English Professor Lisa Norris talks about the writing process and her latest book of short stories Women Who Sleep with Animals.

Metalsmithing and Cocktails: a Conversation with Keith Lewis

View here. Jewelry and metalsmithing Professor Keith Lewis discusses linkages between his professional work as an artist and his expertise on the history and mixing of cocktails.

A Profile of Distinguished Alumnus and Professional Stuntman David Boushey

View here David Boushey is the leading stuntman and fight director in North America, with over 400 theatre credits and 50 films. He founded the Society of American Fight Directors, the United Stuntman's Association, and the International Stunt School in Seattle.

Beans, Weights and Bushwacking: A Profile of Jewelry Artist Nancy Worden

Artist, Nancy Worden, working on jewelry

View here Nancy Worden is one of Central's most well known graduates from the Department of Art. She is a self-employed artist/business woman in Seattle who makes jewelry that is now in private collections and museums all over the world. In this show she discusses some of the social and cultural issues that she explores with her jewelry art - everything from marital difficulties to people refusing to listen at meetings.

CWU's Center for Latino and Latin American Studies: Mike Ervin, Francisco Lopez, and Lacey Yanez

Mike Ervin, Francisco Lopez, and Lacey Yanez being interviewed

View here Mike Ervin, Professor of History and Director of CWU's new Center for Latino and Latin American Studies, and sophomore students Francisco Lopez and Lacey Yanez discuss the Center and also Casa Latina - the residence hall living learning community connected to the new Center. They talk about both the Latino and Latin American Studies academic program and the community outreach mission of the Center.

The Making of a Musical: Terri Brown, Lauren Smith and Amanda Carpp

Terri Brown, Lauren Smith, and Amanda Carpp being interviewed.

View Here Terri Brown, Professor of Theatre Arts and Director of CWU's new Musical Theatre Program, and two first year students in the program, Lauren Smith and Amanda Carpp, discuss the very time consuming process of producing a musical. In between picking a particular musical to produce and the opening night are roughly 18 months of creativity and hard work on behalf of numerous people.

The Art of Conducting: Nik Caoile and Gary Weidenaar

Nik Caoile and Gary Weidenaar being interviewed

View here CWU Professors Nik Caoile, Director of Orchestral Studies, and Gary Weidenaar, Director of Choral Studies, discuss their various student ensembles and also the art of conducting. Learn about the variety of batons and just how complicated waving the stick can be. Conductors have to be able to live and embody the music, as Nik and Gary make clear on this show.

Shadows of Slaughterhouse Five: Heidi Szpek and Frank Idzikowski

Heidi Szpek and Frank Idzikowski being interviewed

View Here Professor Heidi Szpek of CWU's Philosophy and Religious Studies Department and her husband Frank Idzikowski, senior adjudicator for the Veteran’s Administration in Seattle and also military historian, discuss their new book Shadows of Slaughterhouse Five. The book contains reflections of the American POWs held captive in a public slaughterhouse during the bombing of Dresden at the end of WWII. Heidi's father was one of those POWs.

Jewelry and Metalsmithing Students: Alex Chaney, Genne Laakso, and Joe Churchman

Alex Chaney, Genne Laakso, and Joe Churchman being interviewed

View here Alex Chaney, Genne Laakso, and Joe Churchman describe the provocative themes and innovative materials composing their award winning jewelry. All three studied with Professor Keith Lewis, and at the time of filming were about to graduate--Alex and Genne with Master of Fine Arts Degrees and Joe with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.

Honor and Conscience in the American West: Dan Herman

Dan Herman being interviewed

View Here Award winning history Professor Dan Herman discusses his research projects focusing on American cultural history. His first book Hunting and the American Imagination was a History Book of the Month Club Selection. Professor Herman's second book Hell on the Range: A Story of Honor, Conscience and the American West is soon to be published by Yale University Press

Summer Research in China: James Cook, Derek Huls and Mikaela Hagen

James Cook, Derek  Huls, and Mikaela Hagen being interviewed

View Here James Cook, Professor of History and Director of Central Washington University's Asia-Pacific Studies Program, and two students, Asia-Pacific Studies and Chinese major Derek Huls and Anthropology major Mikaela Hagen, talk about their summer research in China funded by the National Science Foundation

A Conversation with Art Alumni: Becky Frehse, Garth Amundson and Carol Hassen

Becky Frehse, Garth Amundson, and Carol Hassen being interviewed

View Here Three art alums from the 1980s who are still very active artists talk about their individual and collaborative work in mixed media, photography, and other genres.

Creative Writing at Central: Katharine Whitcomb, Xavier Cavazos and Ashley Dykes

Katharine Whitcomb, Xavier Cavazos and Ashley Dykes being interviewed

View Here Katharine Whitcomb, Poet and Director of CWU's Creative Writing Program, and two seniors in the program, Xavier Cavazos and Ashley Dykes, talk about the power of writing and the success of the program. Creative Writing is one of the fastest growing programs at Central.

Film and Video Studies at Central: Michael Ogden, Kaitlin Larson and Zachary Bennett

Michael Ogden, Kaitlin Larson, and Zachary Bennett being interviewed

View Here Michael Ogden, film maker and Director of CWU's Film and Video Studies Program, and two seniors in the program, Kaitlin Larson and Zachary Bennett, talk about the process of film making and the value of film and video skills in today's workplace. Film and Video Studies is one of the fastest growing programs at Central.

Director of CWU's Museum of Culture and Environment, Mark Auslander

Mark Auslander being interviewed

View Here Director of CWU's Museum of Culture and Environment, Mark Auslander, talks about his new book The Accidental Slaveowner: Revisiting a Myth of Race and Finding an American Family.

Department of Art Chair, Gregg Schlanger

Gregg Schlanger being interviewed

View Here Department of Art Chair, Gregg Schlanger, talks about his installation and community public art projects.

Douglas Honors College: Matthew Altman, Katie Berberick, and Benjamin Livingston


View Here.  Matthew Altman, Director of the Douglas Honors College (DHC) and Associate Professor of Philosophy, and 2 DHC seniors, Katie Berberick and Benjamin Livinston, talk about their research/creative activity and the Douglas Honors College Program.