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College of Arts and Humanities

College Launches New Annual Theme

Our College of Arts and Humanities has as one of its strategic goals to promote interdepartmental programming and collaboration. The university has as a goal to promote the collaboration between academic and student life. To facilitate both collaborations, our college will adopt a theme each year around which in-class and out-of-class activities can be organized. The activities will be coordinated by a committee composed of  faculty and staff from the college and from student life. 

The theme for academic year 2012-2013 is "How Green Is My Valley?: Land, Water, Wind, the Human Impact on the World, Sustainability."  Activities linked to this theme will be posted on the website. Our hope is that these annual themes enhance interdepartmental collaboration as well as grant writing and fundraising initiatives.


The World's Fair/Fare: immigration, migration, hybrid identities, and globalization


Land, water, wind, the human impact on the world, sustainability

2013-2014: HERE AND THERE

Local community/global community, craft, folk tradition, and culture

2014-2015: LIVING WELL

Food, ethics of food, nourishment of mind, body and spirit, the distribution of wealth, social justice, the health of our community

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