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2018 College of Arts and Humanities Award Winners

 The following awards were presented at the CAH Annual Awards Banquet on 8 May 2018 :

Undergraduate Student Achievement Awards

  • Thomas Gause Award for Achievement in Music Composition: Nelson Green
  • Betty E. Evans Award for Achievement in Creative Writing: Poetry: Conner Simons
  • CAH Award for Achievement in  Non-Fiction Writing: Creative Non-Fiction: Jennifer Marsh
  • George Stillman Award for Achievement in Art: Laura Mentele
  • CAH Award for Achievement in Live Performance: Kathryn Kibota
  • Raymond A. Smith Award for Achievement in Scholarship: Kimberly Smith
  • The Marji Morgan Outstanding Student Award: Susana Cmacho and Lee Sullivan

Graduate Student Awards

  • Graduate Student Artistic Achievement Award: Drew Liedtke

Faculty Awards

  • Outstanding Faculty Teaching  Award: Nathalie Kasselis
  • Outstanding Non-tenure Track Faculty Teaching Award: Matthew Martinson
  • Outstanding Faculty Research Award: Mark Samples
  • Outstanding Faculty Artistic Achievement Award: Rachel Kirk
  • Outstanding Faculty Service Award: Maya Chachava

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