College of Arts and Humanities

2014 College of Arts and Humanities Award Winners

 The following awards were presented at the CAH Annual Awards Banquet on 12 May 2014 :

Undergraduate Student Achievement Awards

  • Thomas Gause Award for Achievement in Music Composition: Josh Supkoff
  • Betty E. Evans Award for Achievement in Creative Writing: Justin Coyne
  • CAH Award for Achievement in  Non-Fiction Writing: Journalism: Adam Wilson
  • George Stillman Award for Achievement in Art: Holly Howton and Cayla Raymaker
  • CAH Award for Achievement in Recorded Performance - Jeff Coté
  • Raymond A. Smith Award for Achievement in Scholarship: Joseph O'Connor and Chris A. Davis
  • CAH Outstanding Student Award: Esther Cardenas-Estrella

Graduate Student Awards

  • Graduate Student Scholarship  Award: Joseph Paul Melton
  • Graduate Student Artistic Achievement Award: Seth Charles

Faculty Awards

  • Outstanding Faculty Teaching  Award: Alejandro Lee
  • Outstanding Non-tenure Track Faculty Teaching Award: Howard Barlow
  • Outstanding Faculty Research Award: Cynthia Coe
  • Outstanding Faculty Artistic Achievement Award: Keith Lewis
  • Outstanding Faculty Service Award: Christopher Schedler
  • Summer Teaching Innovation Grant Award: Jason Dormady
  • Summer Scholarship/Creativity Grant Awards: Jay Ball, Gary Bartlett, Charles Li, and Ellen Avitts
  • Distinguished Chair Award: Gregg Schlanger

Alumni Recognition Awards

  • Art Department: Nathan DiPietro
  • Communication Department: Brandon Wasserburger
  • English Department: Brian Lowe
  • History Department: Christopher Day
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies Department: Mike Bogatay
  • Theatre Arts Department: Stacey Garrett
  • World Languages Department: Jamey Pitts