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College of Arts and Humanities

2013 College of Arts and Humanities Award Winners

The following awards were presented at the CAH Annual Awards Banquet on 13 May 2013.

Undergraduate Student Achievement Awards

  • Thomas Gause Award for Achievement in Music Performance: Vincent Bigos
  • Betty E. Evans Award for Achievement in Creative Writing: Santos Herrera
  • CAH Award for Achievement in  Non-Fiction Writing: Santos Herrera
  • George Stillman Award for Achievement in Art: Ross Quesnell
  • CAH Award for Achievement in Live Performance - Vanessa Moss
  • Raymond A. Smith Award for Achievement in Scholarship: Elise Holbrook-Bruns
  • CAH Outstanding Student Award: Leah Espinoza

Graduate Student Awards

  • Graduate Student Scholarship  Award: Danielle Kuehn
  • Graduate Student Scholarship  Award: Stefan Milne
  • Graduate Student Artistic Achievement Award: Dean Snavely

Faculty Awards

  • Outstanding Faculty Teaching  Award: Katharine Whitcomb
  • Outstanding Non-tenure Track Faculty Teaching Award: Mia Spencer
  • Outstanding Faculty Research Award: Brian Carroll
  • Outstanding Faculty Artistic Achievement Award: Mark Goodenberger
  • Outstanding Faculty Service Award: Karen Blair
  • Summer Teaching Innovation Grant Award: Alejandro Lee
  • Summer Scholarship/Creativity Grant Awards: Keith Lewis and Brian Carroll
  • Distinguished Chair Award: Todd Shiver

Alumni Recognition Awards

  • Art Department: Aaron McConnell
  • Communication Department: Jason Gordon
  • English Department: Chris Harding
  • History Department: Brian Pugnetti
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies Department: James McGreevy
  • Theatre Arts Department: Sara Coiley
  • World Languages Department: Patricia Loera