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Wood Design

Wood FacilityThe Wood Design program focuses on the use of wood as an art and design medium.  The program is designed to enable students to conceptualize, design and create one-of-a-kind, functional and pseudo-functional studio furniture and related art work.  Emphasis is placed on the exploration of form and content with attention to quality craftsmanship.

Courses provide students the opportunity to develop their conceptual and technical abilities while creating a variety of projects.  Instruction covers the use of traditional and advanced tools and processes commonly used to shape and fabricate wood-based objects.

The emphasis of the basic course is on creative problem solving, visual literacy, hand tool proficiency and quality craftsmanship.  The emphasis of the advanced course is on the conceptualization and development of one-of-a-kind furniture forms exhibiting technical proficiency and quality craftsmanship.


Why Should You Study Wood Design At CWU?

  1. The only university-based Wood Design program in the state of Washington
  2. A curriculum which focuses on developing technical skills and conceptual challenges in the design and creation of functional and pseudo-functional studio furniture
  3. A well equipped studio and power shop with broad technical capabilities
  4. Program is part of a comprehensive fine arts curriculum
  5. Study with a prominent instructor who has many years experience and an extensive exhibition record