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Art + Design

Sculpture Studio, Randall 115


Five equipped sections within the sculpture area: plaster/mold making, wood, general fabrication, metals and ventilated spray booth. All areas upgraded with current regulatory air ventilation and exhaust systems.



  • Three-bin plaster sink
  • 2 drill presses,
  • disk/belt sander,
  • flexible shaft buffer/grinder, and bench grinder,
  • 2 MIG welders and 3 oxy-acetylene welding stations
  • bead blaster
  • gas forge
  • plasma cutter
  • jump shear
  • 2 vertical band saws, miter chop saw, metal-cutting horizontal band saw, electric hack saw, and table saw
  • electric kiln
  • slot hood ventilation for plastic pours
  • portable swivel arm exhaust for welding processes and compressed air stations
  • Power hand tools including: pneumatic die and angle grinders, electric angle grinders, jig saws, cordless and electric drills, and palm sanders.

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