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The Sculpture area at Central Washington University is concerned with the personal exploration of the relationships between form, process, material, transformation, context and content.  Students are encouraged to take an investigative approach to experiencing and creating within a multi-faceted spatial context.  Undergraduate students are exposed to historical and contemporary theories and practices.  They discover early on the traditional processes of sculpture, while incorporating a contemporaneous social and cultural aesthetic.  Along with these traditional processes there is an emphasis on craftsmanship and technique.  This approach equips the students with the ability to address and further explore sculpture in a broader spatial context, which includes using non-traditional materials and processes, questioning the role of the object as communicator and questioning sculpture’s relationship to space/environment/body/viewer/self.  The sculpture curriculum encourages students to be critical thinkers and makers.  This intellectual complement to skills building is accomplished through a series of readings/discussions, critiques, slide lectures, videos and artist research papers/presentations and visiting artists.  Graduate students work closely with area faculty while being encouraged to develop a mature interdisciplinary body of work.