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Assistant Professor
Marcus DeSieno



When students enroll in one of the photography area classes, they learn more than how to just operate a camera; they learn how to communicate photographically by visually examining their surroundings, whether they are local, regional or virtual spaces. Each class challenges students to explore the notion of “reality” and beauty inherently still present within a contemporary photograph as well as other concepts. Additionally, students gain competitive technical experience in traditional black and white photography, 19th Century and alternative photographic processes, studio lighting, and digital practices. At the end of each class, students finish by creating final project portfolios encompassing self-defined conceptual goals and technical tools explored throughout the class. Some recent graduates are currently pursuing commercial photography, photo finishing, and graduate school as well as fine art photography.


Studio facilities for digital, studio lighting, traditional black and white, as well as alternative and 19th century processes. Central Washington University boasts one of the safest photography darkroom studios in the Northwest.

Undergraduate majors are provided lockers and loaned most equipment appropriate for all levels of classes (students are required to possess at a minimum a 35mm film or digital SLR camera as applicable)

Graduate students have 24-hour access to their own art studios with T1 Internet connection as well as the opportunity to teach beginning classes.


  • Black and white darkroom
  • Digital imaging lab with wide format 9880, 9600, and 2200 Epson printers and professional Epson V750 Pro Scanner
  • Calumet Travelight kits and accompanying soft box kit
  • Toyo 4x5 camera, 4x5” darkroom enlargers, and 4x5’ ultraviolet light exposure




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