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Keith Lewis
Professor Keith Lewis

Telephone: 509-963-1336

Jewelry/Metals focuses on the technical development of skills and the conceptual understanding of contemporary jewelry and metalsmithing in the context of historical practice and the larger context of the crafts and the fine arts. At the introductory level this offers the foundation for more advanced exploration as well as an informed level of awareness in students who do not pursue further instruction.

While establishing a solid technical base of skills through a succession of process-focused courses, the overarching goal of the intermediate and advanced levels of instruction is to allow the student to develop a distinctive, effective, intelligent and emotionally-honest body of work. Instruction and contextualization will focus on contemporary academic and gallery-based work. The sequence is not intended to provide pre-professional training for careers in the commercial jewelry field, though the technical training could certainly facilitate that goal.

In addition to developing their personal body of work, students are encouraged to develop a solid relationship with the field by joining professional organizations, attending symposia and conferences and submitting their own work for exhibition.


Why Should You Study Jewelry/Metals At CWU?

  1. A well equipped studio with a broad technical capability and individual toolkits for each student.
  2. A curriculum which balances the building of solid technical skills and the posing of conceptual challenges
  3. An extensive image database of professional and student work
  4. Integration into a broad-based, comprehensive fine arts curriculum
  5. Proximity to the Seattle area, which is nationally known as a creative center of art jewelry
  6. Study with a prominent instructor with an international exhibition record and close and extensive relations with many professionals and professional organizations