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Jewelry / Metalsmithing Studio, Randall 124

Student making jewelerySoldering: 4 fully equipped soldering stations with slot hoods, Smith-torches and accessories, pickle-pot.

Casting: Burn-out kiln with fully-automated kiln-controller, vacuum-debubbilizer and casting unit, centrifugal casting machine, vulcanizer, wax-injector, waxes, wax tools, assorted specialized tools.

Enameling: 3 enameling kilns and two single-point electronic kiln controllers, full line of Thompson lead-free enamels, kiln trivets and grates, specialized enamel tools and supplies.

Etching: Capability to do nitric acid, ferric chloride and ferric nitrate etching, bubbilizer tank for ferric chloride etching, resists, mordants. Ventilated hot-patina station.

Electroplating: Electroplating rectifier with solutions, electrodes and equipment for silver and gold electroplating.

Polishing: 2 two-station filtered buffing machines with wheels and buffing compounds.

Drawing: Full-size drawbench and tools.

Specialized enamel tools and supplies include:

  • limogesRandall Hall
  • cloisonné
  • plique-a-jour
  • oils
  • binders
  • oxides
  • foils

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