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Portfolio Application for Admission to Upper Division Graphic Design Courses

Procedure: Due Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Graphic Design Facility

In order to enroll in the upper division sequence of graphic design courses, students must submit a portfolio, Academic Requirements Report and a completed Advising Report checklist indicating the quarters that the prerequisites were completed. Students who are planning to transfer to Central are also subject to portfolio admission. Contact Professor Bach if you have questions.

(This notice pertains to the following class numbers: Art 370, 371, 372, 451, 470, 471, 472, 474, 490.)


   1. Select 10 to 12 of your best pieces of work completed in the Pre-Graphic Design courses of the graphic design curriculum. Include projects from the five prerequisite courses. Projects from Art 274 Typography are especially important to submit.
   2.  Post digital files to a web address where the files may be viewed, such as Provide the site address on your Advising Report.
   3. Print out a current Academic Requirements Report downloaded from your online CWU account.
   4. Go to the CWU Graphic Design program WEB site, then download and complete  the Advising Report course checklist indicating the quarter you completed prerequisite and other art courses.
   5. Put your name on the front of an envelope and insert the above documents. Then, submit the envelope to the CWU Department of Art Office. The secretary will put the documents in Professor Bach's mailbox.


The following courses are subject to portfolio admission:

  • ART 370 - Layout and Design I: (5)
  • ART 371 - Layout and Design II: (5)
  • ART 372 - Design and Production I: (5)
  • ART 451 - Illustration II: (5)
  • ART 470 - Advertising Graphic Design: (5)
  • ART 471 - Corporate Graphic Design: (5)
  • ART 472 - Design and Production II: (5)
  • ART 474 - Typography II: (5)
  • ART 490 - Internship: (10)