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Art + Design

College of Arts and Humanities


Randall Hall

Randall Hall

The Department of Art is located in Randall Hall, a two-story, 82,000 square foot building designed for visual art instruction. Within the confines of the building are large specialized facilities for our various studio arts, design and visual art teaching courses. The Department of Art facilities in Randall Hall include:


  1. two large well-lit painting studios
  2. two large well-lit drawing studios
  3. a screen-printing studio
  4. a facility for printmaking and papermaking
  5. classrooms dedicated to the instruction of art education and basic design
  6. a ceramics facility, including hand-building, wheel-throwing, glazing, clay mixing and kiln areas
  7. a jewelry and metalsmithing studio including, fabrication and forming, casting, electroforming, and finishing areas
  8. a photography studio including digital, black and white and alternative labs and digital imaging lab with wide format printers and professional scanner
  9. a sculpture facility complete with fabrication and foundry areas
  10. a well equipped wood design facility
  11. A Macintosh computer lab outfitted with graphics software, scanners, and advanced printing capabilities

Specific Programs and their Location:

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