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Art + Design

Ceramics Studio, Randall 124

Student making potsGeneral room ventilation and tempered make up air; all kilns have exhaust ventilation. Glaze mixing area: 6 ventilated workstations with triple beam scales. Wet glazing area with spray-booth to accommodate large-scale work. Photo/Slide taking set up with lighting and scrim. Clay mixing room with 2 clay mixers. Plaster mold-making room Outdoor multipurpose courtyard with natural gas, electricity, water and Raku kiln.


Equipment:Ceramics Facility

  • 5 sinks with sink traps.
  • Kiln room with 5 electric kilns (3 computerized),
  • 1 test kiln
  • 1 shuttle kiln with down draft / forced air
  • 1 Olsen kiln with updraft / natural draft burners.
  • Bench grinder station and double decker ball mill.

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