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Stephen Robison
Assoc. Prof. Stephen Robison

Telephone: 509-963-1617

Central Washington University’s Ceramics studio offers students at all levels a progressive environment in which to flourish. Technical and conceptual applications in the media are explored in a learning environment that mentors students into their own personal research. The studio philosophy prides itself in being non-dogmatic in its approach to constructing ceramic objects and the use of other media within the students’ work. Beginning and intermediate students are introduced to both utilitarian and sculptural applications through fundamental hand-building and potter's wheel techniques along with a focus on two and three-dimensional design concepts and aesthetic concerns. Advanced students explore specific applications of ceramic processes such as kiln construction, firing techniques with gas and wood kilns, mold-making, and advanced clay and glaze formulation, while being encouraged to develop a personal visual language and a conceptual framework.

The MFA in ceramics has a focus on the mentoring of pedagogical philosophy along with a constant environment of critical and technical feedback. Private and semi-private studios are available.

The physical space and equipment allows for investigation and technical exploration in clay and glaze formulation and for research into electric, gas, wood, soda, and raku firing methods.