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Art + Design

College of Arts and Humanities

BFA in Studio Art


This program provides a comprehensive studio art degree for students desiring to pursue studio art-related careers or seeking artistic enrichment. The degree can be directed toward either a discipline-specific studio art practice or a cross-disciplinary and/or cross-media studio art practice. In addition to core required courses, students are required demonstrate proficiency in at least one of the studio areas.

Follow the link to the advising page for additional information on the program curriculum.

All new Art and Design majors begin as a BA in Art major. The department offers advising for a Studio Art track and a Graphic Design track.

Students enrolled in the BA in Art may choose to submit an application for entrance into the BFA program during their Junior year (90 credits or more).

Application to the Bachelor of Fine Arts:  The application to apply for the BFA degree in the areas of Studio Art and Graphic Design will be available in October 2019.

Deadline: November 1st, 2019

Students must have:

1) Junior class standing (90 or more credits)
2) an Art GPA of 3.0 or better
3) have taken at least 5 art classes

In addition, for the BFA in Graphic Design:

Students must have completed ART 170, 172, 225, 274 and 283 or be currently enrolled 274 & 283.
A digital portfolio is required. See the application for details.


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