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Art Selection and Permanent Collection

Committee Members

The committee shall be comprised of six appointed, voting members to include two faculty, one emeritus faculty, one art student, one representative from CWU student government, an academic facilities planning director, and a staff architect. The terms of each appointment shall be three years. The committee shall also be comprised of five ex-officio, voting members to include the Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, a facilities planning officer, an architect, a development officer, and the director of the Sarah Spurgeon Gallery or Museum of Culture and Environment. Additional faculty members may be appointed by the president to represent the departments which are housed in venues that are acquiring state artworks.

Current members:

  • Gregg Schlanger, College of Arts & Humanities (Co-Chair)
  • Ellen Avitts, Art (Co-Chair)
  • Douglas Ryder, Facilities - Planning
  • Joanne Hillemann, Facilities - Architect
  • Cynthia Krieble, Emeritus - Art
  • John Michel, Music Faculty
  • Brock Jensen, Student

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