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Graduate Students

"Can Graduate Students do Army ROTC?"

A common misconception for many prospective students is that Army ROTC is not an option for graduate students.  Joining Army ROTC and becoming an officer is definitely possible as a graduate student but requires planning.  Since a graduate student will automatically start off in the junior year of Army ROTC, certain requirements must be met even before a student begins there graduate program in order to make up the prerequisite 100 and 200 level ROTC courses.

Making up the MIlitary Science 100 and 200 level courses 

Making up the prerequisite 100 and 200 level Army ROTC courses can be accomplished by attending the Leadership Training Course (LTC).  LTC is a month long camp that takes place at Fort Knox, KY.  It is similar to Army Basic Training but with a greater focus on leadership and preparation for succeeding in the advanced phase of Army ROTC.  Once a cadet has been through LTC they have satisfied all the training requirements to begin the third year of Army ROTC.  

The greatest challenge with getting a graduate student to LTC is identifying they need to attend LTC prior to the summer before they start graduate school.  

Individuals who have been to basic training for the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force have also satisfied the 100 and 200 level class requirements and can immediately start the third year of Army ROTC.


Two year scholarships are available for graduate students!  Students can apply for these scholarships prior to attending LTC by contacting the Scholarship and Enrollment Manger at 509-963-3520.

"Do I have to go on Active Duty?"

Just like all cadets who go through Army ROTC.  Graduate students can choose to compete for active duty or volunteer to go into the National Guard or Army Reserve.  Special scholarships are available that will lock students into National Guard or Army Reserve service


As with all other students we are hoping to bring into our program and make officers we are looking at three sets of qualities:  Scholar, Athlete and Leader.  For graduate students we like to see individuals who completed there undergraduate degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher.  We also like to see individuals who have kept in good physical shape and show leadership potential.

Besides showing the academic, athletic and leadership qualities our ROTC program is looking for, a student must also be legal and medically qualified for military service.  More details on what constitutes being legally and medically qualified will be explained upon meeting with the Scholarship and Enrollment Officer.

Questions or information on how to start

Call the CWU Army ROTC Scholarship and Enrollment Office at 509-963-3520 or e-mail for more information.