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Dean Hall 357A
Phone: (509) 963-3201

Patrick Lubinski



B.S. Biology, University of Cincinnati, 1986
M.S. Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1990
Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1997

Office: Dean Hall 338
Phone: 509-963-3601
Fax: 509-963-3215

Interests & Expertise

  • Archaeology, zooarchaeology, methods, cultural resource management, western North America

Archaeological Experience

  • More than 30 field seasons in both academic/research and cultural resource management settings
  • Work in Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, Nevada, North Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, France, and Tunisia
  • Extensive work in Washington and Wyoming
  • Completion of more than 80 archaeological reports

Teaching Highlights

  • Professor, Central Washington University, 2010-present (Distinguished Teaching Award 2017)
  • Associate Professor, Central Washington University, 2005-2010 (Faculty Mentor Award, SOURCE 2007)
  • Assistant Professor, Central Washington University, 2000-2005 (Excellence in Teaching Award 2005)
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Western Wyoming Community College, 1998-2000

Courses Taught at CWU Since 2015

  • Anth 107 General Anthropology
  • Anth 120 Archaeology: Science of the Past
  • Anth 296 Individual Study
  • Anth 301 Principles and Assessment
  • Anth 322 World Prehistory
  • Anth 425 Zooarchaeology
  • Anth 458 Senior Comprehensive Survey
  • Anth 486 Advanced Archaeological Methods
  • Anth 493 Anthropological Field Experience
  • Anth 496 Individual Study
  • CERM 502 Policy & Law in Cultural & Environmental Resource Management
  • CERM 505 Introduction to Graduate Research
  • CERM 506 Colloquium in Cultural & Environmental Resource Management

Selected Publications Since 2010

For PDF copies, please see ResearchGate or or email me

  • Hudson, AM, MM Emery-Wetherell, PM Lubinski, VL Butler, DN Grimstead, and DL Jenkins. (2021)  Reconstructing Paleohydrology in the Northwest Great Basin Since the Last Deglaciation Using Paisley Caves Fish Remains (Oregon, U.S.A.). Quaternary Science Reviews 261:106936.

  • Lubinski, PM, and AT Scholz (2021) Tui Chub (Siphateles bicolor) are Native to the Columbia River Basin in Washington State.  Northwest Science 94(3-4):243-255. 

  • Jastremski, NA., L Henebry-DeLeon, PM Lubinski and D Klyve (2021) Highland vs. Lowland Craniometry in Andean South America: An Ecuadorian Case Study. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 35:102758.

  • Lubinski, PM, RL Lyman, and MP Johnson [student] (2020) Blind Testing of Faunal Identification Protocols: A Case Study with North American Artiodactyl Stylohyoids. American Antiquity 85:781-794.  DOI: 10.1017/aaq.2020.45

  • Johnson, MP [student], PM Lubinski, and S Hackenberger (2020) Legacy Collections and Zooarchaeological Analysis: Interpreting Two House Sites and Associated Fauna from the 1961-62 Ginkgo State Park Project. In Of Housepits and Homes: Twenty-First Century Perspectives on Houses and Settlements in the Columbia-Fraser Plateau, edited by Molly Carney, James W. Brown, and Dakota E. Wallen, pp. 29-53. Journal of Northwest Anthropology Memoir No. 19.

  • Lubinski, PM, and TA Hale [student] (2018) Identifying and Siding the Stylohyoid Bone for North American Artiodactyls.  International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 28:364-374.  DOI: 10.1002/oa.2669

  • Hockett, B, ME Adams, PM Lubinski, VL Butler, and DL Jenkins (2017) Late Pleistocene Subsistence in the Great Basin: Younger Dryas-aged Faunal Remains from the Botanical Lens, Paisley Cave 2, Oregon.  Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 13:565-576.  DOI: 10.1016/j.jasrep.2017.05.003

  • Donta, C, A Aymond [student], MA Partlow, and PM Lubinski (2016) Artifacts, Houses and Fauna from 1989 Excavations at the Monashka Bay Site on Kodiak Island.  Alaska Journal of Anthropology 14:88- 106.

  • Lubinski, PM (2016) Bison Remains from ~14,000 14C yr BP at the Wenas Creek Mammoth Site in Washington State.  PaleoAmerica 2:277-280.
  • Vickers, S [student], PM Lubinski, L Henebry DeLeon, JT Bowen (2015) Proposed Method for Predicting Pair Matching of Skeletal Elements Allows Too Many False Rejections.  Journal of Forensic Sciences 60:102-106.
  • Lubinski, PM, K Terry, PT McCutcheon (2014) Comparative Methods for Distinguishing Flakes from Geofacts: A Case Study from the Wenas Creek Mammoth Site.  Journal of Archaeological Science 52:308-320.
  • Lubinski, PM, J Feathers, K Lillquist (2014) Single-Grain Luminescence Dating of Sediment Surrounding a Possible Late Pleistocene Artifact from the Wenas Creek Mammoth Site, Pacific Northwest, USA.  Geoarchaeology 29:16-32.
  • Lubinski, PM (2013) What is Adequate Evidence for Mass Procurement of Ungulates in Zooarchaeology?  Quaternary International 297:167-175.
  • Lubinski, PM., MA Partlow (2012) Evidence for Local Fish Catch in Zooarchaeology.  Journal of Ethnobiology 32(2):228-245.
  • Lubinski, PM (2011) Comments on Evidence for Hunting of Pronghorn Herds in Prehistory Northwest Science, 85(1):68-70.
  • Lubinski, PM., BS Shaffer (2010) Experimental Zooarchaeology: Research Directions and Methods. In Designing Experimental Research in Archaeology: Examining Technology through Production and Use, (Ferguson JR, Ed.), pp. 241-257. University Press of Colorado, Boulder.

Selected Student Theses

For PDF copies of these 30 theses, please see CWU Scholarworks or email me

Curriculum Vitae

See CV for full list of courses, publications, and theses

Current Research

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