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Anthropology and Museum Studies

Handbook: Scholarships

The department sponsors an annual partial tuition scholarship which is open to anthropology majors and to students transferring from community colleges to major in our department. Anthropology majors are also eligible for Alumni Scholarships, and Mohler Scholarships, and Farrell Merit Awards. The Farrell Merit Scholarship offers undergraduates a unique summer fieldwork program which is designed to encourage interest in anthropology and provide firsthand experience in a research project of the student's own creation.

Majors also are employed in the department as teaching and research assistants and museum docents; and federal and state work-study students are encouraged to apply for jobs in the departmental office.


C. Farrell Fine Arts and Research Scholarship

This scholarship is available to Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students at Central Washington University who are pursuing a fine arts project in Art, Music, Theatre, or Creative Writing, or who are pursuing a research project pertaining to the History, Geology, Archaeology of Kittitas Valley. This scholarship provides one year of in-state tuition, $200 book allowance, and project costs. Please see their website for more information.

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