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Anthropology and Museum Studies

Handbook: Facilities

The Anthropology Department is in Dean Hall, which is is also home to the Geography Department, Dean of the College of the Sciences, and the Museum of Culture & Environment.

On the first floor are the Museum of Culture & Environment, classrooms and the office suite for the Dean of COTS.  The second floor houses labs, additional classrooms, computer lab with university-wide access, and a large open area with tables/chairs for student use.   Faculty and grad offices for both Anthropology and Geography are on the third floor along with a shared conference room adjoining a large open space with plants, chairs/tables and views of campus.  Several small kitchens are within easy access adjacent to meeting spaces and study areas.

• Specialized facilities of the Anthropology Department:  

• Biological Anthropology Laboratories (osteology, molecular anth, and forensics) give you an opportunity to experience hands-on identification of skeletal remains, and to solve problems relating to current biological variation among humans, for broader understanding of human biology and behavior in prehistory, and the current diversity of human populations.

• Archaeological Laboratories give you an opportunity for hands-on experience with archaeological materials. Dedicated laboratories are set up for lithic analysis, geoarchaeology, and zooarchaeology.

• The Linguistics Lab (Dean 231) offers a way for students to experience and experiment with different language patterns, as a basis for focusing on areas such as phonetics, sociolinguistics, language acquisition and development.

• The Museum of Culture & Environment collections and temporary exhibits provide you with museum related experience and opportunities to combine classroom study with exhibit design and development.

• The Reading Room (Dean 364) provides a 4,000 plus volume collection of books from anthropology, geography and related fields, along with computer plug-ins and wireless access, comfortable chairs and worktable space.


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