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Anthropology and Museum Studies

Handbook: Admission

Students interested in anthropology are advised to enroll in two or more introductory anthropology courses (but not Anth 107, since this course will not count towards an anthropology major) in their freshman year, and to discuss the major with the professors te aching these courses. Transfer students with anthropology course work at other campuses should preregister for anthropology courses at CWU after speaking to the Department Chair, and should then declare their major at the earliest possible date after arriving on campus.

The Department Secretary and the Department Chair will provide you with information regarding the department, the major, special departmental programs, and university requirements and paperwork.

When you are ready to declare anthropology as your major, come to the Department and ask for the forms to declare a major. Complete these forms, make an appointment to meet with the Department Chair and then bring your forms and transcripts to this meeting. You may already know someone you would like to have as a faculty advisor. The Chair can also assist you in selecting an advisor.

After your meeting with the Chair, the Chair will discuss your application with a potential advisor. When a faculty member has agreed to act as your advisor, they will sign the major declaration form and return it to the Department Secretary. The Secretary will then enter your application into a computer file kept by the Registrar. You should also pick up your copy of the signed form from the Secretary.

If you wish to apply for the B.A. OPTION II be prepared with a well-developed rationale as to why you want this major. Your advisor will assist you in your efforts to bridge majors by developing a statement of goals and justifying specific courses. Your completed proposal will be submitted, by advisor, to Anthropology faculty-as-a-whole for review.

You will meet with your advisor at least twice per quarter throughout your program, and more frequently if you decide to do an Honors Project or are accepted to the McNair Scholars program. Please note that changes of advisor are possible with the approval of the new advisor and the Chair, who will notify the former advisor of the change.


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