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Anthropology and Museum Studies


Kathleen Barlow, Professor and Chair

Areas of Specialization: Learning and Culture, Childhood, Psychological Anthropology,   Museum Anthropology, Symbolism, Gender, Art and Aesthetics, Material Culture, Regional Ethnography.  

Areas: Melanesia, Oceania, United States

J. Hope Amason, Asst. Professor  

Political economy and globalization, politics of representation, race, class, and gender, museums, memorials, and heritage sites, tourism studies; Appalachia, US South.

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Mark Auslander

Mark Auslander, Associate Professor and Museum Director

Areas of Specialization: Sociocultural anthropology, museum anthropology, art and aesthetics, meaning in the material world, symbolic mediation, ritual and performance theory, historical anthropology, race and class, engaged anthropology, slavery studies, contemporary African and Diasporic art. Ethnographic areas: Sub-saharan Africa, Zambia and South Africa; African Diaspora, United States; African American communities; U.S. South

Steve Hackenberger

Steve Hackenberger, Professor

Interests and Expertise: Cultural ecology, archaeology, cultural resource management, North America, Meso-America and Caribbean cultures.

Raymond A. Hall, Associate Professor 

Areas of specialization:  folklore, with emphasis on material culture within the African Diaspora in Latin America.  See Africana and Black Studies Program

Joseph Lorenz

Joseph Lorenz, Associate Professor

Interests and Expertise: Genetic analysis of primate populations, forensic DNA analysis, evolution, using genetic data to trace population histories.  (on sabbatical 2015-2016)

Patrick M. Lubinski, Professor and Co-Director of CERM

Interests and Expertise: Archaeology, zooarchaeology, methods, cultural resource management, western North America.

Patrick T. McCutcheon, Professor

Interests and Expertise: Archaeology, Evolutionary Theoretical Perspectives, Fieldwork and Laboratory Methods, Archaeometry, Lithic Analysis, Cultural Resource Management, North American Prehistory. (on sabbatical 2015-2016)

Lene Pedersen, Professor

Interests and Expertise: Cultural Anthropology, Visual Anthropology, Symbolic Anthropology, Ecological Anthropology, Ritual, Social Organization, Post-Colonialism, Southeast Asia (Indonesia), Circumpolar North, Sub-Saharan Africa. Natural Resource Management.

Lori K. Sheeran, Professor

Interests and Expertise:  Biological anthropology; Tibetan macaques, tourism, and aging; Gibbon behavior, ecology, and conservation; Primate conservation; Primate social behavior 
Penglin Wang

Penglin Wang, Professor

Interests and Expertise: Linguistic anthropology, linguistics, cognitive anthropology, cultural anthropology, Asian studies, Central Eurasia, China.

Professor Penglin Wang is the author of Number Conception and Application, 2014. New York: Nova Science Publishers. See the Nova Science Publishers website:



I an Buvit, Senior Lecturer                                                          Director, CWU McNair Scholars Program

Areas of specialization: Geoarchaeology, Paleoindians, Paleolithic NE Asia.

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Neal Endacott, PhD.
Mary Lee Jensvold

Mary Lee Jensvold, PhD. Senior Lecturer

Interests and Expertise: chimpanzee sign language studies; ape behavior, communication, & culture; chimpanzee care & enrichment; non-verbal behavior


Jessica Mayhew, PhD. (see full CV)

Interests and Expertise: Biological anthropology, primate social behavior and socio-cognition, great apes, play behavior

Isabella Sarton Miller, PhD., Senior Lecturer       (see full CV)

Interests and Expertise: Bio-cultural Anthropology. Adaptation to extreme environments: High Altitude (Altiplano of Bolivia) and Cold (Northern territories, Canada)

Rodrigo F. Rentería-Valencia, Lecturer

Areas of Specialization; Environmental Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, Semiotics, Visual Anthropology, Ritual and Performance Theory, Human Geography, Maritime Anthropology, Indigenous Studies. Ethnographic Specialization: the Greater Southwest (including northern Mexico).

Karisa Terry, PhD.  Senior Lecturer                     (see full CV)

Interests and Expertise: Archaeology; Lithic technology; Human social and technological organization; Adaptations to frontier and extreme environmental settings; Middle and Upper Paleolithic; Northeast Asia (Japan, Siberia, Beringia).





Tracy J. Andrews, Professor

Areas of Specialization: Sociocultural Anthropology; Native Americans; Ecological and Natural Resource Anthropology; Medical Anthropology; Political Ecology; Gender; Minority and International Health Issues; Ethnicity, Identity, and Cultural Dynamics.

John Alsoszatai-Petheo, Professor

Areas of Specialization: Biological Anthropology and Archaeology, Paleoanthropology, Human Osteology, early lithic technology, and the initial peopling of the Americas. He has traveled widely abroad and in the United States, and has done field research in California, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Germany.

Loran Cutsinger

Loran E. Cutsinger, Associate Professor

Interests and Expertise: Economic/ecological anthropology, gender studies, cultural anthropology, Caribbean/Latin America, US, Russia, Middle East, Native Americans of the Northern Rockies. (retired, 2012-2013)

Anne S. Denman, Professor

Interests and Expertise: Dr. Anne Denman is a cultural anthropologist with particular interest in American Culture, intercultural issues and gender roles. She has done field work in Brittany, France.

William C. Smith, Professor

Interests and Expertise: Archaeology, World Prehistory, Museum Studies, Collections Management, and Computer Applications.