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From One Wildcat to Another: Advice from Current CWU Alumni

With the academic year coming to a close, we are preparing to welcome our newly minted graduates to the alumni family and looking for a creative way to help them navigate their transition to life after college. We thought the best way to support these recent graduates would be to provide them with words of advice from each of you. After all we sometimes the best resource is right in front of you. We hope you agree:

Katharine Lotze class of ’12 graduated with a BA in Journalism and a minor in Spanish. As a photographer for the Santa Clarita Valley Signal, she wants to remind recent grads to live their lives to the fullest. “Don't be afraid to take (informed) risks! It may seem hard as a new graduate, looking for work when everyone else you know is looking too, and possibly with a load of student loan debt. But there really isn't a better time to take a risk–whether it be traveling post graduation, moving to a new city alone, or taking a job with a start up.”

Vincent Langsy class of ’15 graduated with a BS in Business Administration. As an assistant buyer for Zulily, Vincent reminds us that we need to get a little uncomfortable in order to grow. “I highly suggest that you push yourself outside your comfort zone because that will allow you the greatest opportunity to grow your skills. With every experience, whether, it be an educational or personal experience, it will open many doors in your career. Never be afraid to make mistakes or say what's on your mind. There is so much knowledge in the world and you're not going to know everything, never stop asking questions.”

Though recent graduates are the ones currently seeking employment in their fields of study, undergraduates can also gain valuable insights as to how to be successful in their futures by listening to this advice from CWU alumnus, Joey Brabo. “Network with as many people as possible. The more quality/successful individuals you surround yourself with the better. This will increase your chances of being successful yourself. Utilize resources like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to create an extensive network that provides you real life value.” Brabo said.

Michael Weber ’95 may have synthesized it best by simply encouraging us to “Be curious, everyday.” After all it sounds simple but keeping a inquisitive approach to your daily life can be an important way to avoid getting into a rut and will help you ask the right questions to help serve as a resource not only to your new employer but also those interact with throughout your day.

Thank you to our alumni who took the chance to share their insights on success for CWU graduates. We know, these new alums will see the value in your wisdom and having a network as strong as our Wildcat network. We love seeing the success of former Central students–proving that CWU is providing students with the tools to succeed. It’s advice like this from proud Wildcats that makes an education at Central Washington University so special.

While we were unable to share all of the great advice given to us from our great network of alumni, we really appreciate your time and willingness to pass your wisdom onto future alums of Central Washington University.

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Story by: Mia Patterson, UA Communications Graduate Assistant

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