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Giving Back To Pay It Forward

As we begin to transition from winter to spring, we are reminded about the beauty that surrounds us here in Ellensburg. The flowers are beginning to bloom, the sun stays out longer with every passing day, and students are gearing up for their final push of their academic careers. Soon a new generation of Wildcat alumni will be entering the business world, ready to make an impact like so many of their fellow alumni before them.

During this time of year, I invite you to take a quick moment to think back to when you were a soon-to-be graduate about to enter the professional world. While the idea could have been daunting at first, we all can say there were one or two people who really helped us find our footing. With our annual National Giving Day fast approaching I want to extend the chance to you to help make a difference for not only our current students, but future students as well. Your generosity gives us the opportunity to provide an Ivy League education at a public school price, all while producing strong graduates ready to thrive in the working world.  During our first-ever, 24-hour day of giving event, #GiveCentral, your participation will help advance Central’s amazing students, faculty, facilities and programs. To take more of an active role during #GiveCentral I invite each and every one of you to become Wildcat social media ambassadors. The more people you bring in, the further we can spread the word–and the better your chances are of winning some great CWU prizes. Let’s all do our best to make this year’s #GiveCentral the best day possible. Sign up today!

While the gift of a better future for a student is something to be cherished, we here at Central believe in going above and beyond what is asked of us. We are all about giving back, which is why we are partnering with the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement to help put on the 44th Annual Yakima River Clean-up. We are asking you, our Wildcat alumni, to sign up and volunteer, and if not in the Ellensburg community, then your local community. Giving back and making the world a better place is a big part of our university. I invite you all to help in the effort of giving back in the world we all live in.

In addition to the river clean up, the Law and Justice Department will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. All are welcome to attend the ceremony on May 5. The guest speaker will be David Altheide, a 1967 Central graduate. Since the department’s inception, the program has gone on to produce some of the institution’s strongest alums in recent years.

To keep with our theme of giving back we took the chance to meet with two of our most outstanding alumni, Rod and Madalon Lalley. You may remember Rod as the university’s second-ever Alumni Director, and Madalon as a professor here at CWU during her professional academic career. Both Rod and Madalon show the passion for Central that is exemplary in outstanding alumni such as them. They are leaving a lasting mark on the university by giving back in every way they possibly can. It is alumni such as Rod and Madalon that truly make this institution great. 

If you or someone close to you is not a member of our association, signing up is just one click away. Becoming a member isn’t just about giving back to you or your child’s alma mater, you will receive numerous benefits that apply statewide and beyond. If your membership has expired, we also offer an avenue for renewal and we encourage you to take a look.

Finally, it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our very own Dr. James Brooks. Dr. Brooks has embodied the spirit of what it means to be a Wildcat. His dedication and service to the institution is unmatched while his foresight as a leader has helped to position the institution as a university and contributed to the success of thousands of students for generations. Please join us in sharing your appreciation for Dr. Brooks as our hearts go out to the entire Brooks family.

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