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The Central Factor

As we all start to get into the swing of things this New Year, it is abundantly clear that big things are on the horizon for 2017 at Central. Here in Ellensburg, there is an excitement about future projects and the many stories of our graduates really creating an impact on the world around them. Central is making strides to continue to push to be the best undergraduate experience available, all while maintaining a lasting relationship with our valued alumni.

Our alumni are the foundation on which this outstanding university is built upon, and by sharing your stories we not only take pride in you; but we get to showcase to the rest of higher education that Central possesses that little something different that stays with our graduates for life. The “Central Factor” can be found in everyone who graduated from our great university. Even the people who come in to work every day to ensure that university runs at the highest level possible feel that same attitude. It is something that has been building since the inception of Central 125 years ago, yet as the years go on we continue to find ways to enhance our students’ academic experience.

Through your contributions, you have given us the opportunity to create an environment that has continued to foster creativity and success for not only our past graduates, but thousands of more in the future. We have always, and will continue to, produce strong graduates ready to step into the professional world and thrive. Central looks to not only build great professionals, but even better people.

With the completion and unveiling of our new Science Phase II building this past fall, Central has several new and exciting projects it is presenting to the Washington State capital this year. Complacency is something we do not believe in here at our university, as you all know, and with these new budget priorities we know this is a real statement of intent to our commitment to advancement. Through any avenue available, we invite you to take an active role in the betterment of our amazing institution.

I personally want to thank you for your commitment to Central. We know that in life it is nearly impossible to do things alone, even people who are self-made once gained from the help of someone else, and we as an institution look to make the most out of our amazing donors’ generosity. If you or someone close to you is not a member of our association, signing up is just one click away. Becoming a member isn’t just about taking pride in your or your kids’ alma mater, you will receive numerous benefits upon completion that range from discounts in the Wildcat Shop to savings on insurance. If your membership has expired, we also offer an avenue for renewal we encourage you to look at.

2017 is a year filled with optimism and excitement, and we here at Central could not be more proud of all the amazing work our alumni are accomplishing. We look forward to the opportunity to continue to produce strong alumni for years to come.


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