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Strategic Plan

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UNIVERSITY OBJECTIVE 1.1 Enhance Student Success by continually improving the curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programs.
Unit OutcomesIndicatorsExpected Performance Level

Performance Reported By

Key Strategies/


Provide opportunities for excellent graduate student learning and teaching. SEOI

Portfolio performance completion rate

Faculty “teaching presence” for on-line courses re. design of instruction and implementation.

SEOI 4.00 and above

LiveText portfolio review at a 90% satisfactory rate

Faculty “teaching presence” will increase by 10% as measured by student surveys

SEOI – Testing

Department – Portfolio


Survey results on teaching presence

Enhance the review of courses offered in the department.

Quarterly review of LiveText portfolio.

Quarterly survey of students’ perception on teaching presence.

$3,000 for support of faculty conference travel for professional development related to instruction

Faculty development workshop on LiveText



UNIVERSITY OBJECTIVE 2.2 Increase faculty, staff, and student diversity by active programs of recruitment and retention for members of underrepresented groups.  
Unit OutcomesIndicators

Performance Level

Performance Level
Reported By
Key  Strategies/ InitiativesBudget/
Resource Analysis
Support success and collegiality of diverse tenure and non-tenure faculty, students, and staff through communication, career development opportunities, mentoring and access to supportive infrastructure. Consider diversity of candidates’ backgrounds in admission or hiring decisions when appropriate.  
Improve mentoring and retention of ethnic and minority students and faculty through workshops and seeking support beyond the department.

Increase faculty diversity by 10% through hiring.

Increase graduate student diversity by 20% through recruitment.

Consult HR for guidelines in recruitment of minority.

Dean’s scholarship to be awarded to 30% of our minority students.

Focus on ads in journals that reach diverse candidates.

Develop workshops for recruitment of diverse students.

$1,000 Costs of advertising in underrepresented population media. 
UNIVERSITY OBJECTIVE 2.3: Ensure that CWU has an inclusive and diverse curriculum.
Enhance the diversity of curriculum.Assessment of courses that have outcomes related to diversity issues and skills.Every course in the program includes the most recent outcomes related to diversity issues and skills.Department yearly review of courses.Review curricula and syllabi.
Survey of online students to measure “Teaching Presence”, “Social Presence, and “Cognitive Presence” as it relates to the diverse needs of our stakeholders.
$2,000 Release time of one to two WLU for a faculty members to determine whether the curriculum is meeting the needs of all stakeholders.



UNIVERSITY OBJECTIVE 3.1 Increase the emphasis on and the opportunities for students, faculty and staff to participate in research, scholarship, and creative expression     activities.
Unit OutcomesIndicatorsExpected Performance LevelIndicator/ Performance Level Reported ByKey
Resource Analysis
Enhance faculty scholarship by increasing the number of research, projects, publications, and theses completed and disseminatedStudents and faculty will demonstrate excellence in scholarship and creative expression through regular yearly participation in presentations and/or publications.25% of faculty and 15% of students will collaborate on joint research projects that result in publications or presentations.

Chair will consult faculty about research projects.

Determine student engagement in faculty research and scholarship

Faculty have 6 WLU to publish two research papers in the academic year.

Faculty will collaborate on research projects

Students will collaborate with faculty in research activities.

Faculty will serve on Students’ theses and projects.

$3,000 for travel to present at conferences.

Graduate funds to support summer session theses.

UNIVERSITY OBJECTIVE 3.2 Increase the external funding received for research, scholarship, and creative expression by faculty, staff, and students.
Enhance scholarship by increasing the number of external grants submitted and funded.Number of grants submitted and fundedNumber of grants submitted and fundedThe department and Graduate Studies.Professional development.

Grant offerings.

Reassigned time, as needed.
Faculty members receive workload units for scholarship.



UNIVERSITY OBJECTIVE 4.1 Enhance the commitment and the level of cooperation between

the university and external communities.

Unit OutcomesIndicatorsExpected Performance LevelIndicator/
Performance Level Reported By

Key Strategies/Initiatives

Resource Analysis
Demonstrate community and public service through active participation (all members serving) on local, regional, and/or national committees, organizations, and task forces.

Increased presence rate to 80% in the community service.


Increase cooperation rate serving OSPI, PEAB, ESD, and school activities to 80%.

80% of faculty will serve as a committee member for Pro-Cert., OSPI, PEAB,
ESD, and school district.

Faculty will provide evidence of committee service.

Faculty will provide evidence of engagement in the organizations listed.

Provide at least two WLU for services.

Staff meeting agenda topic – Discussion on cooperation with external stakeholders.

Faculty activity report and community service work will be analyzed to determine accomplishment.
Goods and services fund for travel.



UNIVERSITY OBJECTIVE 5.1 Maximize the financial resources to the University, and assure the efficient and effective operations of the University through financial stewardship.
Unit OutcomesIndicatorsExpected Performance LevelIndicator/
Performance Level
Reported By
Key Strategies/InitiativesBudget/Resource Analysis
Demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit by increasing the amount of revenue obtained through summer school and self-support offerings.Revenue generated from self-support FTE.Increased self-support FTE by 20%.Continuing Education and/or self-support.Advertise online programs.$1,000 Financial support for resources (advertising).
UNIVERSITY OBJECTIVE 5.2 Develop and implement enrollment management and marketing plans that meet the enrollment objectives of the university.
Maintain and/or increase enrollment and persistent rates in all degree programs.

Develop an LMS to track students.

On-line registration

Course offering

Consult with LMS manager.

Contact 100% students in the program.

Encourage students to take a full load in order to facilitate timely completion of the degree.

Improve current persistence rate by 10%; average persistence enrollment rate for each degree program is 80%.

LMS manager reports quarterly program enrollment.

Report on follow-up with students who did not register.

All course offerings have a wait list

Chair’s report to faculty on enrollment.

Occasional contact with LMS manager.

Information/e-mails to students about registration.

Offer more courses, as needed

Develop flyers for advertisement.

Institutional report

Continuing Education (CE) sends out flyers/advertising and collects data on number of response to flyers.