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Administrator Certification Program Residency Program Administrator in Special Education

The Program Administrator in Special Education Certification prepares you for the position of Program Administrator. The Program Administrator has staff responsibility for managing the technical aspects of the curriculum and instructional program. This staff position carries functional authority which is technical and advisory. The program administrator assists in clarifying directions and goals of specified educational activities. These functions are usually performed by persons in positions responsible for curriculum development and the supervision of instruction, and therefore, represent service more than administrative authority.


To receive a Residency Certificate as Program Administrator in Special Education , the candidate shall (in accordance with the relevant WAC):

  • Hold an approved Masters Degree from an accredited college / university.
  • Hold a valid initial or continuing Washington State Educational Staff Associate (ESA) or teaching certificate.
  • Have documented successful school-based experience in an instructional role with students.
  • Have completed an approved CWU Program Administrator professional preparation program.
  • Have completed an approved, year-long Program Administrator internship.
  • Provide assembled evidence / documentation in course work and the internship, as required by the PEAB, which identifies and adjudicates demonstration / possession of the required skills, knowledge, and competencies cited in Washington State Standard 5 - Knowledge and Skills. 
  • Participate in an interview, if required by the PEAB.
  • Be recommended for certification by the Chair of the CWU Administrator Preparation Program.

Admittance Procedures:

Please read the following document in its entirety prior to submitting the application materials: Administrator Certification Programs Admittance Procedures

Course Requirements for the Program Administrator Special Education Certification:

Required Course Offerings
CreditsFall WinterSpringSummer
EDAD 577 - Diversity Leadership3X X 
EDAD 580 - Educational Administration4 X  
EDAD 581 - Public School Finance4  X 
EDAD 584 - School Supervision4 X  
EDAD 589 - School Law4 X  
EDAD 575 - Administration and Supervision of IDEA3   X
EDAD 692 / 694 - Internship 12XX*XX 
Total Credits:
(tentative schedule subject to change)

*The internship begins during Pre-Autumn (EDAD 692) and continues with the internship during the academic quarters (EDAD 694)