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Washington State Credits


To satisfy the CWU General Education Requirements

If you will transfer with a Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degree then you will automatically satisfy the CWU General Education Requirements. The same is true for students who have already received a bachelor's degree from an accredited four year college in the US or abroad. 

The CWU Transfer Policies are useful tools for transfer students who will still need to complete the CWU General Education Requirements, such as students transferring without DTA degrees. The transfer policies quickly and easily show which courses from other Washington public institutions satisfy the various areas of the CWU General Education Requirements. 

The CWU Course Equivalencies are also useful because they show all of the courses at other institutions that are equivalent to courses at CWU, including upper division courses outside of the CWU General Education Requirements. 

After transfer students have been formally admitted to CWU (and have submitted final transcripts) the Office of the Registrar conducts official credit evaluations to determine which courses satisfy the various areas of the CWU CWU General Education Requirements. The Office of the Registrar does not award credit towards any particular academic major. 

To satisfy the course requirements in your academic major

Generally speaking, CWU academic departments tend to award equivalent transfer credit for courses that meet the spirit and intent of their courses. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to submit transcripts for departmental review in order to receive transfer credit for courses in your major. You may call (509) 963-1211 and ask to be transferred to any academic department. If you plan to attend a CWU University Center, please contact you appropriate center.

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