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Transfer Comprehensive Review Process

Students who do not meet the published quantitative admission criteria will be reviewed holistically by the Comprehensive Review Process. You will need to complete the essay portion of the application if

  • your cumulative GPA is below 2.5 from any previous college attended and/or (if applicable)
  • your high school GPA is below 3.0 and/or
  • you are missing any CADR classes.
Essay questions:
  • How have your past experiences influenced your academic record?
  • What are you presently doing to ensure your academic success?
  • What are your academic goals and how will CWU help you accomplish these goals?

The Comprehensive Review Committee takes into account your grade trend, the number of transferable credits you have completed, type of coursework completed, including college-level English and math completion. Students who have completed college-level math and English and those that have completed a Direct Transfer Associates degree (DTA) will do better in the comprehensive review process.