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Running Start Credits

If you enroll at CWU directly after graduating from high school (including summer session), you must meet regular freshman admission requirements and submit official high school transcripts and ACT or SAT test scores, and submit Running Start credits for evaluation as transfer credit.

If you have completed an approved Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degree you have fulfilled all lower-division general education requirements at CWU.  However you still must apply as a first year student.

For a list of approved DTA degrees, visit

Freshmen applicants must complete the following high school CADR courses:

  • English (4 credits). Including the study of English language, literature, and writing.
  • Math (3 credits). Including first-year algebra and two additional years of college preparatory mathematics such as geometry, advanced algebra, trigonometry, analytical geometry, calculus, and probability and statistics. (algebra and geometry taken prior to the ninth grade accepted).
  • Lab Science (2 credits). One credit required in an algebra based lab science.
  • Social Science (3 credits).
  • World Language (2 credits). Shall be two years of the same language.
  • Fine, Visual, or Performing arts (1 credit). Or one more year from the above academic courses.

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