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Melinda Gallagher

  Melinda Gallagher
  Ph: 509-963-1158
  Location: Mitchell Hall

What is your job at Central Washington

Admissions Counselor

Favorite thing about Central Washington

My favorite thing about CWU is the Wildcat PRIDE.
Pride in the sense that we are all proud of being
Wildcats and that we are a pride or family. There is
ALWAYS someone who is willing to help you out.

Favorite thing to do in Ellensburg?
My favorite things to do in Ellensburg are to hike,
hangout on campus, and go to sporting events.
There is never a dull moment. Once studying is done,
campus life is my go to.

Best advice for a new student at Central?
Take advantage of every opportunity that is presented
to you. The four years or so here will pass by in what
feels like 4 weeks so work hard, have fun, strive for
greatness, and maximize your time!

Favorite Quote?
"Time is a valuable currency.
Invest it wisely and with intent."
 ~Melinda Gallagher