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Home Schooled And GED Students

A Home-school student is any applicant who will complete their high school coursework at home and will not receive a diploma from an accredited high school. An applicant is qualified for Freshman admission if they:

  • Present evidence of their completion of the academic CADR courses by submitting an official home-school transcript. Transcripts must be signed by a parent in order to be official.
  • Submit ACT or SAT scores
  • Provide The GED as proof of high school completion. A GED is not required but may be submitted to participate in varsity athletics.
  • Submit any official college transcripts (if applicable). Regardless of the number of college credits completed, students earning college credit in high school will be considered freshmen for admissions purposes as long as they do not take coursework after graduation from high school (excluding summer).

All home-schooled students will be reviewed by the Comprehensive Review Process

GED Students

Any applicant who submits General Education Diploma (GED) in lieu of a high school transcript for Freshman admission is qualified for Freshman admission with a GED score if they have a minimum composite score of 500 with no lower than a 450 in any subject area and submit a satisfactory SAT or ACT score. GED recipients will be reviewed through the Comprehensive Review Program.


Comprehensive Review Process section.