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Comprehensive Review Process

The Comprehensive Review Committee will review the application including the optional Essay and other supporting materials. The Admissions Essay is optional and encouraged for students within the 3.39-2.00 GPA range. The committee will determine if they feel a student has the potential to succeed at Central Washington University.

Essay questions:

  • How have your past experiences influenced your academic record?
  • What are you presently doing to ensure your academic success?
  • What are your academic goals and how will CWU help you accomplish these goals?

Applicants may be asked to submit additional information for further review by the Comprehensive Review Committee. Additional time is required for the review process; therefore, any admissions decisions may be delayed.

You are encouraged to include your involvement and leadership contributions in your home, school or community in your essay.

The responses to these questions may be formatted in any way the applicant sees fit, including answering with one integrated paragraph-form essay response, or numbered or bulleted responses to each question.