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College level Examination Program

Students will be awarded five college-level quarter credits for each score at the 50th percentile on the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) humanities, social science/history and natural sciences examinations. These credits will meet the general education requirements in the appropriate areas. Students may also be awarded credit for subject examinations as determined by appropriate academic departments at the time of application for credit.

No more than 45 total quarter credits through CLEP or other sources of nontraditional credit may apply to graduation requirements. CLEP credit is not awarded for English.

College Level Examination Program

CLEP Test Scores for Central Washington University at the 50th Percentile or Above.

SubjectPercentileScoreCWU Area of Credits Awarded
Humanities50th50Literature & the Humanities
Natural Sciences50th50Fundamental Disciplines of Physical & Biological Sciences
Social Science & History50th50Perspectives on the Cultures &
Experiences of the US
ChemistryB grade63Chemistry 181, 181LAB
History US I50th57History 143
History US II50th54History 144
Western Civilization I50th50History 101
Western Civilization II50th50History 102 or 103
Calculus w/Elem. Funct.50th50Math 172 & Math 173
Intro to Psychology50th50Psychology 101
Human Growth & Devel50th50Psychology 314
Intro Ed. Psychology50th50Psychology 315
Intro to Sociology50th50Sociology 107
Info Systems & Computer Applications50th50Computer Science 101
Foreign Languages Level I
Spanish Language 50Spanish 151, 152 & 153
French Language 50French 151, 152 & 153
German Language 50German 151, 152 & 153
Foreign Languages Level II
Spanish Language 63Spanish 251, 252 & 253
French Language 62French 251, 252 & 253
German Language 63German 251, 252, & 253


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