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College of Business


Once again, the annual Beta Alpha Psi Mocktail event was a success. The event was held in Dean Hall room104. Dean Hall 104 showcased a packed house for the featured group of panel speakers followed by a networking session. Students were encouraged to stick around to meet and speak with business professionals after the panel subsided. The panel consisted of professionals from Alegria, Clifton Larson Allen, and Moss Adams.

Kyle Strong, panelist from Clifton Larson Allen, gave wonderful insight on the work-life balance that students are worried about when entering the job market. Kyle went on to say, “firms are beginning to realize younger professionals want a more flexible schedule and freedom to choose start and end times. These firms see the change and are adapting by offering telecommuting and work from home programs at their respected firms”. After the event, Professor Cravens said, “The panel provided well-rounded insight into what a career in public accounting looks like”.

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