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Accessibility Studies

New Article on CWU Accessibility Collaboration

 We are pleased to let you know that Educause Review has published an article featuring the faculty-student-staff collaboration that produced a 3D-printed braille-embossed "tactile teachable" and inspired the development of the Accessibility Studies Program. It is published online.   The collaboration involved the Multimodal Education Center (Forrest Hollingsworth, Justin Carroll, Jani Jesenovec, Chad Schone), Disability Services (Wendy Holden, Humberto Avila), and the Professional Education Program (Naomi Petersen).

Transformation from 2D foldable to 3D printable

Educause Review is an open online publication highlighting the use of technology in education. We are proud to have been an 'Editor's Pick', drawing attention to this innovation.

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