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Accessibility Studies

CWU Accessibility Studies Focus at Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy

Central Washington University's new Accessibility Studies program was the subject of a presentation at the Conference on Higher Edu

cation Pedagogy at Virginia Tech in February. The conference is focused on ways to improve instruction at the college level. 

Accessibility Studies professor Naomi Petersen explained the origin of the program from using 3-D printing to make instructional mat

erials accessible to a blind student, to realizing the need for courses in producing accommodations for disabilities. She further explained how this recognized need went into developing a completely new academic program focused on accessibility and universal design. 

Many of this year’s sessions addressed online learning, of interest to the Accessibility Studies program because the four core courses are all provided online. Petersen was encouraged to return next year to report on the result of an innovative model of offering all four courses as an integrated summer unit.

Petersen reported that many conference attendees remarked on the speed with which the program was proposed and accepted.

--February 22, 2017


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