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Accessibility Studies

ASP Capstones Featured at SOURCE

SOURCE is a university-wide event that showcases all disciplines of research, scholarship, and creative activities by undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff at Central Washington University. Accessibility Studies Program will be a featured panel Thursday May 18 2:30-330PM just before the keynote speaker and SOURCE dinner. 

Dr. Naomi Petersen will moderate the panel, beginning with an overview of the Accessibility Studies Certificate and Minor programs. The Accessibility Studies Program (ASP) provides an interdisciplinary opportunity to learn about the challenges facing people with disabilities and limitations, estimated to be nearly a fifth of the population. A certificate or minor in Accessibility Studies demonstrates competence in recognizing where, when, and how to accommodate such needs.  Competence includes facilitating accessible transitions and employment for people with disabilities and limitations, approached from different perspectives of employers, social service agencies,   commercial enterprises, and the people requiring accessthemselves. The capstone course requires investigation of a real world context and the design of a solution to an accessibility problem in that context.

This panel presents several current capstone projects in progress: Investigating the accessibilty of playground equipment in Ellensburg parks; Developing guidelines for accessible documents to be posted on a community college website; and Making artwork and glass blowing in the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA accessible to people with low vision as well as including other techniques to make the museum more accessible in general. Analyzing media for the use of people-first language; Troubleshooting public transportation for adults with autism. 

The projects not only demonstrate the ASP students' competence, they contribute to the development of accessible real world environments. Students will share the practical application of accessibility competence to their career fields.

Registration is currently open for the summer session which provides the complete Accessibility Studies Program of course.

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